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Should I use an indoor camera as a baby monitor in Joliet?

May 30, 2023
Parent using smartphone to view video of child from indoor camera

Your new nursery is close to being ready for your beloved bundle of joy. You devoted hours putting together the cradle, decorating the walls, and arranging the changing station.You even included the finishing touch of some cuddly toys on a shelf. But how are you planning to keep watch over your baby? You can go the traditional route with a regular audio monitor or take it a step further and use the video cameras at your disposal in your modern home security system.

Despite the fact that it may seem a little unusual to use an indoor camera for a baby monitor in Joliet, it’s actually an outstanding option when you think about the benefits.

Your home’s indoor cameras in Joliet are ideal baby monitors

One of the key things to understand is that your indoor cameras are part of a comprehensive system and available via a home security app. This offers you versatility and comfort as you may monitor your baby from anyplace via your smartphone or mobile device. Here are more reasons why they make sense:

  • Real-time high-def video feed: You’ll get easily visible, high-definition images of your child. You may even view recorded clips right from your cell phone.
  • 2-way audio: Not only will you hear the sounds from the room, you may verbalize to your loved one right through your indoor camera. This is a nice feature to calm a restless sleeper. Better yet, you may take advantage of the talk feature through your smartphone app, no matter where you are.
  • Wide-angle viewing: Your indoor security camera will have a greater viewing angle than regular baby monitors. You won’t miss a thing.
  • Motion-detection with alerts: If your little one decides rest time is over and is ready to get out of the crib, you are able to have motion-activated notifications delivered directly to your smartphone.
  • One-press communications: Although this feature is generally for older offspring, it’s worth a mention. With a single press of a button, your youngster can reach out to you via your smartphone app.

Having your entire smart home accessible in the palm of your hand is a terrific perk. If you see that your little one is having an issue trying to sleep and think it may be a tad uncomfortable in the room, you are able to alter the temp on your smart thermostat. If they awaken, you can switch on the room’s smart lights to inform them you’ll be there soon. Have more than one child? You can incorporate another indoor camera and get access to them both with one home security app.

Design Your Joliet smart home with indoor cameras

Would you like to use an indoor camera as a baby monitor? Create your own Joliet smart home and get the peace of mind and safety Vivint’s modern surveillance equipment can supply. Call (815) 427-4864 today and discover how we can make your property a safer, more adaptable place for all family members.